Providing quality 3D Visualisation services

For professionals who need to communicate their ideas with clarity and conviction. UrbanActive provide 3D Visualisation services which ADD value to your projects by providing a beneficial service that is effective and on time.

Top 5 benefits to your Organisation include

1. 3D Visualisation services created locally in Australia

When you commission UrbanActive, the 3D Artist who meets you at your office is the person who will ultimately create your presentation material. This method, saves you time and headaches, by reducing the number of markups and changes.

2. Intimate understanding of Architecture + Urban Design

With a background in Architecture, the team at UrbanActive is better equipped to understand your drawings. This allows us to create accurate presentations with minimum feedback, thus saving you time to focus on the design.

3. Keep your overheads low

The cost for setting up and maintaining a network of computers and 3D software, can be quite high, not to mention the time it takes to keep up-to-date with emerging technologies. UrbanActive can look after your 3D Visualisation needs, while you focus on what you do best.

4. Faster development response

3D Visualisation services save time and money. They allow local councils to visually "see" the design impact on the streetscape. This provides you with instant feedback on councils position, thus allowing you to make quick yet decisive decisions.

5. Sell developments "off the plan" quicker

Before the project is built, you can start selling with the aid of 3D Visualisations. As part of the marketing package, our services are a valuable tool for selling house & land packages and apartments “off the plan” with confidence from the buyer.


Urbanactive were brought into the project to deliver a realistic representation of our design to stakeholders not proficient in reading plans and drawings.

Their motto 'bringing your projects to life' is a true testament to what they can do!

Roland was a joy to work with and his commitment to doing the job well and with enthusiasm was impressive and this was put to the test when he delivered a fantastic flythrough presentation in such a short period of time.

The client was truly overwhelmed and there's not much more you can ask than that!

John-Paul Di Donato Project Coordinator
Caldis Cook Group


Industry specific information

Urban Designer / Town Planner

Architect / Interior Designer

Marketer / Real Estate Agent

Developer / Builder

Property / Fund Manager

Construction Lawyer

Proud Member UDIA + AIA

UrbanActive is a proud member of the Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW, and the Australian Institute of Architects.